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Juni 02, 2012

thanks god, i have finished my graduation day today

it has been 3 years , and i thank my family, friends, teachers, jinx, and also my vampire's family for your help in these 3 years, i really owe you guys a lot

as we go on 
we remember 
our times that we had together
as our lives change from whatever
we will still be friends forever 

I'll miss you guys a lot , a lot more than you could ever imagine guys, thank you bunch bunch of thank never enough for your support .
well we could say goodbye to the high school and welcoming new life, but i can't never say goodbye to all of you guys in high school , you guys are too memorable to be remember


Maret 30, 2012

Quality Times :)

hello friday!! yeay it's friday , already friday again :P
gettin closer and closer to the nat's exam , final big test!!!!! :O :O
however, i really enjoyed this week! like went to movies, hang out, stayed till midnight, doin silly things! 
kill this week till sunday :)
however, i got my mid report card tomoro , and still maybe it will break down my wall of happiness :(

anw, i want make a quick review about movies that i saw these past days 


first, i watched 'JOHN CARTER in 3D'
it was good movie, i think :)
the animation, the 3D effects, and the stories 
however , the stories kinda remind me to the ' AVATAR' , but it was good thoo
ooh and the add, the movie itself, quite long enough ,for about 2 hours, but it was gooooodddd :):)

second, i watched 'THE HUNGER GAMES'
omigat , i had been so longs waiting for this movie to comes up! and i made to watch it!
and yes, it was 9p.m and i had school tomoro, so with all my guts, i watched it till 11 or 11.30 p.m :)
i love the actors(alexander and liam actually :) ), i love the story, i love their sets, their timeline of story , and how they warped them into one package , it was brilliant , i think!
some of them say that they were disappointing because of the differences between the book and the movie,through that arguments, i have to read the book :)
but, i think 'THE HUNGER GAMES is one of the movie that really recommended to watch :)

third, i saw 'LORAX'
well not much i can say about this movie :)
just watch !:)

and finally , i saw ' WRATH OF THE TITANS ' today
i had no plans at all to watch this movies straight in the premiere's time today , but since i got it for free, i'd be happy for watch :p lol
it was good movie, and i think it was continuing 'CLASH OF THE TITANS'
good effects, nice story, nice prop :)

so full of good and awesome movies this week, 

but i gotta study for 2 more weeks, then my nat's exam , hopefully i pass the test 

                                                               then free from High school:) 

Maret 19, 2012


hey ppl!!
last time on my last post i told u guys, that i had amazing week , well i's like to shared pictures to show some really cozy yet convenient places :)

so first stop is thisssss :D idk what they called it but it was roasted duck with hainan and it tasted soo delicious , no kidding :D
place: urban kitchen -sency 

aaaa never get bored to be in here , eventhough the interior is not good as another cafe like mag's cafe or ocha bella or anykind of cafes , still i love how they served the food and
 drinks and also ICE CREAM!!
recommended : green tea blended with red beans *yummmm*

Maret 18, 2012

ritual :)

so, yes i got to write some important and important things right here before my test comin out tomoro
it's kinda like ritual for me :)

and, tomoro is big day tho, final test is on its way ready to take my freedom , even though i almost HATE it, but this enthusiastic kinda make me feel lil bit safer, but not for the geography :(

and anyway, whatssup ppl!! it has been long long longggg times since i wrote the last thing on my blog :)
and YES! main reason is preparation for national exam >.>
frustrated much! can't believe exam will be here in 29 days, goshy!
and my high school's life almost OVER *if i made it* hopefully :p

and , in the other things, i got amazing 2 weeks of saturday :)
considering as gifts before exam , lol

THE BIGGEST PART is we're goin to Bali :) whooopplaa #random dancing
eventhough, i have been to bali for countless times, still this one is da special one :D
hopefully , all things turn out well as i expected :)


Februari 13, 2012

what so special from number 14??

these days have been so harsh for me , realize that i can't move from the number one of the year , is killing me thoo
thought that i can be removed from number one of the year , still my heart won't let go :(
gees ._. i wish you know :(( and remembering the past

Januari 21, 2012

webcame hore!!!

hell to the LOOOO:):)
gosh it's 12 am and suddenly i got the mood for doing photo shoot
since there's NO WAY do it outside (am i crazy to do that?lol) so i took my pal, lappie :) and decided to take some click by online-webcame ::

 idk what has been into me :p lol

and i was looking my result in my camera, but suddenly my toe touched my lappie's button , haha 
its came up good , thooo :)
i likely to called it accident's shoot :p

Desember 25, 2011

holiday seasoningg!!

olaa!! it's december again , uuu yeahh

December whaa'a mixed feeling i had in this months, love, memories, sad, happy, excited = mixed!!!:)

Before i got this "galaunisme" attacked me , because of those memories in past 2 years, anyway past = learning , so i've had move on!! oye baby!!!!:)

and holiday season is here!! i did have lotss lots of good trip to batam continuing singapore!!uuuuu >.>
but one day is no no enough in singapore, i wanna go there again and i will!
and the others fun's days are waiting! wait for moaa beach;)